Featured Patent Applications of the Week: April 30, 2020


Amazon files a patent related to voice-controlled communication requests and responses. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Intel, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, and Merck.

Amazon Files a Patent Related to Voice-Controlled Communication Requests and Responses

US patent application 20200135208 discloses a method for establishing calls between speech-controlled devices. A server receives speech data from a sender speech-controlled device, processes the data to determine recipient and topic, and sends the data to the recipient’s speech-controlled device. The recipient device outputs audio to the recipient for deciding whether to communicate with the sender or not. The figure below illustrates an embodiment of the system.

IBM Aims to Patent an Internet of Things (IoT) System for Improving Public Speaking

US patent application 20200135050 discloses a method for improving a user’s public speaking performance. The IoT system provides real-time feedback to the user based on a speaking performance profile of the user compared to a reference profile. The figure below illustrates examples of real-time strategies delivered by the IoT devices associated with the user.

Intel Pursues a Patent for a Safety System for a Vehicle

US patent application 20200133281 discloses a safety system for a vehicle that includes processors configured to determine uncertainty in predictions from a driving model during vehicle operation, adjust parameters of the driving model, and provide the adjusted parameters to a control system of the vehicle. The illustrations depict the uncertainty in predictions.

Apple Seeks a Patent for Wireless Charging Control Based on a Predicted Event

US patent application 20200136403 discusses a device with a battery and a charging system. The charging system predicts an event associated with the device and determines when to initiate recharging of the battery so that the battery is fully charged when the event occurs. A block diagram of the electronic device including the battery is illustrated below.

Medtronic Seeks Patents for Systems for Virtual Endoscopy and the Automatic Identification of Instruments

US patent application 20200129262 presents a surgical instrument navigation system that visually simulates the volumetric scene of a body cavity. It offers the point of view of a surgical instrument residing within the cavity of the patient. The figure below shows an exemplary display from the system.

Another US application 20200129242 discloses an automatic instrument identification system that provides information about a specific instrument from a large set of instruments while performing a surgical procedure. The information provided by the system includes its specific type, size, number of uses, and use. The figure below shows the view of the instrument and a reader system for automatic identification.

Boston Scientific Seeks to Patent a Cryoballoon

US patent application 20200129220 presents a balloon catheter for use with an intravascular catheter system. The balloon catheter includes an outer inflatable balloon and an inner inflatable balloon, and it is configured to be used as a cryoablation system to treat cardiac arrhythmias. The illustration below provides a view of a portion of the intravascular catheter system including the balloon catheter.

Novartis Wants to Patent an Antibody-Drug Conjugate

US patent application 20200129632 discloses an anti-cKIT antibody-drug conjugate of the formula Ab-(L-(D).sub.m).sub.n where Ab is an antibody, L is a linker, D is a drug moiety, m is an integer from 1 to 8, and n is an integer from 1 to 10. The antibody-drug conjugate is used to treat cancer.

Merck Seeks to Patent a Cartilage Preservation Media

US patent application 20200128812 relates to cartilage preservation media. The media contains an FGF-18 compound, salts, amino acids, a preservative, an antimycotic compound, vitamins, a buffer, and optionally a serum or a serum component.


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