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Intel files a patent for an apparatus to facilitate user interactions with foldable displays. Read about this and other recently published patent publications.

In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Intel, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, and Roche.

Intel Files a Patent for an Apparatus to Facilitate User Interactions with Foldable Displays

US patent application 20200125194 discloses an apparatus to facilitate user interactions with foldable displays. The apparatus includes a computing device that has a hover sensing system associated with a bendable region to detect a hover event, a touch sensing system to detect a touch event and a controller to implement an action responsive to the hover event or the touch event. The illustration below depicts an example computing device with foldable display.

Apple Aims to Patent a Method of Generating Animated 3D Models from Captured Images

US patent application 20200125835 describes a method of generating 3D models of a user from captured images or videos. A machine learning network tracks poses and expressions of the user during image or video capture to generate an animated 3D model or puppet that simulates the user’s poses and expressions. The figures below depict two 3D models of a user with different poses and expressions.

IBM Seeks Patents for an Automated Medical Item Delivery Apparatus and an Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to Address Negative Emotional States

US patent application 20200121533 discusses a system for dispatching an autonomous device for delivery of a medical item at an emergency location upon receiving a medical alert from that location and alerting medically trained personnel near that location about such a delivery. A schematic diagram of the autonomous medical delivery system is illustrated below.

Another application 20200125163 discloses a method to address a negative emotional state of a user in an AR environment by determining whether an AR object has a negative impact and changing its characteristics, such as color, to improve the emotional state of the user.

Microsoft Pursues a Patent for Intelligent Lock Screen Notifications

US patent application 20200127960 discloses a device for preventing a lock screen from displaying a notification indicating the arrival of a message containing sensitive information by analyzing the message contents. The figure below is an example of a suppressed notification showing a portion of a message while suppressing the display of the multi-factor authentication information.

Boston Scientific Files Patents for a Multi-layer Wearable Device and a Method for Detecting a Brain Condition

US patent application 20200121251 describes a multi-layer wearable device configured to be attached to a patient. The device consists of several electrical components designed to perform various functions such as monitoring the physiological parameters of a subject or the delivering of an active pharmaceutical ingredient to the subject. The figure below illustrates the medical system including the multi-layer wearable device.

Another US application 20200124588 relates to a method for detecting a brain condition in a subject by obtaining a breath sample and classifying the sample data into pre-established brain conditions using a chemical sensor element. The method allows the detection of various conditions such as traumatic brain injury, ischemic brain injury, and other brain disorders. The figure below illustrates the method for detecting a brain condition.

Medtronic Seeks to Patent a Multi-fire Fastener Delivery System

US patent application 20200121319 describes a fastener applier configured to hold and deliver multiple fasteners to secure a prosthesis disposed of in an organ or vessel lumen. These multi-fire fastener appliers are designed to be employed in open surgical procedures. The illustration below depicts a fastener delivery apparatus.

Roche Wants to Patent an Analyte Meter

US patent application 20200122151 discloses an analyte meter for medical tests having a meter housing, a strip port configured to receive a measuring part of a test strip, and a sealing insert which is arranged within the strip port and provides an insertion path for the test strip. The figure below depicts a cut-out view of the analyte meter with a test strip in a strip port.

Novartis Files a Patent for an Injector Device

US patent application 20200121848 presents an injector device having access means configured to selectively allow and prevent a cartridge, storing a pharmaceutical product, from being removed from the injector device. The injector device comprises a self-test unit designed to test an electronic component of the device and a control unit to monitor the access means to allow the cartridge to be removed from the injector device, in case the self-test has failed. The image below depicts an embodiment of the device.


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