Featured Patent Applications of the Week: April 2, 2020


Samsung seeks a patent for a gesture recognition method while in motion. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Samsung, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Merck, and Roche.

Samsung Seeks a Patent for a Gesture Recognition Method While in Motion

US patent application 20200104581 discloses an electronic device capable of performing a gesture recognition method while the distance between the device and a user is changing in real time. The figure below illustrates a change in detection mode of the device for gesture recognition.

Intel Files a Patent Application for a Robot Swarm Coordination System

US application 20200103867 discloses a system that coordinates a robot swarm. The system includes an analyzer to create a planning message based on data associated with a first bot and a second bot, a scheduler to issue assignments to the first and the second bot based on the planning message, and create a decision message to be communicated to the swarm. The illustration below depicts an environment with cross-swarm communication.

IBM Wants a Patent Relating to Virtual ATM-Remotely Accessing

US patent application 20200104815 discloses a system that remotely accesses an ATM by detecting insertion of a customer bank card into the ATM, where the ATM initiates a connection to a mobile device upon the detection of the card insertion. The system locks the ATM when the mobile device accepts the connection, and unlocks the ATM when the banking transaction is completed by a remote user operating the mobile device. The system assists those people who are not familiar or comfortable with operating an ATM.

Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Personalization of Content Suggestions for Document Creation

US patent application 20200104353 relates to a method for identifying and analyzing a specific user’s intent to create a personalized digital document. A machine learning model is trained to evaluate data associated with the user and personalized contextual suggestions are presented through the user interface to provide a real-time document creation experience. The figure below illustrates process flow for presentation of personalized content suggestions.

Apple Files a Patent Application for an Ambient Lighting Control for a Head-Mounted Device

US patent application 20200103656 discusses a head mounted device with a controller that determines a target ambient lighting condition relative to a current ambient lighting condition and provides control signals to adjust the ambient peripheral lighting based on the target ambient lighting condition. A block diagram showing the ambient lighting control scenario is illustrated below.

Medtronic Seeks Patents for an Atrial Arrhythmia Detection and an Insulin Infusion Device

US patent application 20200093531 relates to an implantable medical device that senses a cardiac signal, determines an atrial arrhythmia score for identifying the arrhythmia event within a sensing window, and delivers therapy based on the arrhythmia score. The figure below shows the arrhythmia detection device.

Another application 20200101224 describes an insulin infusion device that measures a user’s blood glucose level, obtains user confirmation of blood glucose measurement, initiates an insulin bolus calculation based on the measured value, and regulates operation of a drive system to deliver the calculated insulin to the user. The figure below depicts the fluid infusion device.

Boston Scientific Seeks a Patent for an Embolic Protection Device

US patent application 20200100886 discloses an embolic protection device including an elongate filter wire having a distal end region, a filter anchor coupled to the distal end region, a filter membrane coupled to the filter anchor, and a bumper coupled to the filter anchor. The illustration below depicts an embolic protection device disposed of in a blood vessel.

Novartis Seeks to Patent a Combination Therapy

US patent application 20200101077 presents a pharmaceutical product comprising a combination of a MET inhibitor and an EGFR inhibitor, which are jointly active in the treatment of proliferative diseases. The MET inhibitor is INC280 and the EGFR inhibitor is a monoclonal antibody.

Merck Pursues a Patent for a Method for the Treatment and Prophylaxis of HIV and AIDS

US patent application 20200101098 reveals a method of treating and preventing AIDS through the oral administration of an effective amount of a novel compound. The structure of the compound is also disclosed.

Roche Files a Patent Application for a Multimodal Machine Learning Based Clinical Predictor

US patent application 20200105413 presents a system that receives molecular data relating to the gene expressions of a patient, receives a biopsy image data of the patient, processes the molecular data and the biopsy image data using a machine learning model, to perform a clinical prediction of the patient’s response to a treatment, and generates an output of the clinical prediction.


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