Powerful, Dynamic Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics

Interactive and powerful analytics capabilities that are simple to use. That’s a quick summary of our Analytical Insights module. Combining Salesforce’s Lightning platform and Einstein Analytics, Analytical Insights simplifies the aggregation of disparate patent, financial and other external data. Armed with this newly presented information, patent professionals can make informed decisions and actions across previously unavailable portfolio and prosecution attributes. 

Symphony’s Analytical Insights module offers you the unique opportunity to mash up intelligence from Symphony and outside, such as your company’s financial data from your financial system. You can now map your patent portfolio to revenues, costs and other such parameters to arrive at actionable insights. 

A Picture = 1,000 Words

The insightful visuals that are part of the Analytical Insights module enhance the underlying analytical capabilities of this module. 

Symphony Analytical Insights


  • Integrates data from different sources
  • Little to no query restrictions due to performance gotchas
  • Prosecution assistance for in-house IP attorneys and outside counsel
  • Expands how IP data can be visualized to make true data-driven decisions.


  • Applies Salesforce’s Einstein AI technology to IP management
  • Provides new analytics, intelligence, reporting, and automation options
  • Visualization capabilities to transform data into intelligence and actionable insights

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